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Dorim-Ro 139-Gil 12-1 (201Ho), Yongdeungpo-Gu, Seoul, South- Korea

Tel: 02) 2254 0517

E-mail:  saladboom@hanmail.net

Homepage: www.salad.or.kr

Theater Salad(www.salad.or.kr, president: Park Kyongju), the first multicultural theater in Korea, was established in January of 2009 to seek a true meaning of cultural diversity through communication beyond a cultural boundary between migration and settlement.

Salad has created performances dealing with multicultural issues mainly and has staged performances two times or more a year regularly and 15 times or more outreach performances. So far, the theater has met about 100,000 audiences across the country through total 300 workshops and 270 performances. The theater was authorized as a social enterprise by the Labor Ministry in May of 2014 and has been recognized as the only theater that migrant artists are directly involved in creative works by the public.

Salad won Eulju Award for those who have been making efforts for gender equality (2009), Simcheong Filial Piety Award(2011), and Donga Multiculture Award together with LG(2017). In addition, the theater was designated as a beneficiary of The Export and Import Bank of Korea’s project for supporting migrants’ business creation, UNDP funds, GKL Foundation funds, The Export and Import Bank of Korea’s Hope Seed Project, Shinhan Bank’s Social Contribution Funds, Daum Foundation’s Cultural Diversity Funds, and subsidies of Seoul Cultural Foundation and Arts Council Korea.

Salad has consistently demonstrated multimedia live streaming performance based on real cases related to migrant workers, migrant women, refugees, etc. since 2011. Especially, Theater without Actor selected as one of Han PAC Newly Conceptual Performance Arts Series in 2013 gained people’s attention when the live streaming performance was staged in ARKO transformed into a live broadcasting studio.

Additionally, Salad has taken the lead in education for improving cultural diversity, creating multicultural musicals to introduce Asian cultures intensively based on the theater’s human network in Nepal, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, etc.

Theatrical and Performing Art Works (Producer & Director & Play-writer)

2019 Creative musical play ‘Masala Musical’ @Dongyang Arts Hall in Seoul

2018 Creative musical play ‘Harong Tutu’ @ Shinhan Art Hall in Seoul

2018 Creative musical play ‘Masala Musical’ @ Shinhan Art Hall in Seoul

2018 Creative theater play <Statute of Limitations>@ Facebook Internet live streaming Performance

2017 Creative musical play ‘Masala Musical’ @ Shinhan Art Hall in Seoul

2017 Creative musical play ‘Dayung Sampan’@ Shinhan Art Hall in Seoul

2017 Creative theater play < To the truth- I'm sorry>@ Youtube Internet live streaming Performance

2016 Creative musical play ‘ Dayung sampan’ @ Shinhan Art Hall in Seoul

2016 Creative musical play ‘Ara & Jimin’  @ Shinhan Art Hall in Seoul

2015 Musical play ‘Ara & Jimin’ @ Makgae Festival ( National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, Gwacheon)

2015 Live Internet Broadcasting Theater Play <To the truth- I'm sorry>@Youtube Internet live streaming Performance

2015 Musical play ‘ Ara & Jimin’ @ Yeungdeungpo Arthall, Seoul

2014 Musical play ‘Surungus Hung’  @ Al & Haek Theater Hall, Seoul

2014 Musical play ‘Suklay’ @ Chungun Art Hall, Seoul

2013 Experimental Live Broadcasting Theater ‘Theater without Actor’ @ Arco Art Theater Hall, Seoul

2013 Musical play ‘Suklay’ @Munrae Youth Training Center, Seoul

2012 Musical play ‘Marina & Vijay’ @ Ansan Street Theater Festival, Ansan

2012 Experimental Live Broadcasting Theater ‘Future Story’ @ The 14th Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival (Munllae Box Theater hall), seoul

2012 Musical play ‘Marina & Vijay’ @ Donseung Stage Theater Hall, Seoul

2012 Musical play ‘The secret of mask @ Munllae Youth Center,Seoul 2011 Musical play @ Donseung Stage Theater Hall, Seoul

2011 Experimental Media Theater ‘Lan’s Diary’@ Munllae Art Factory Box Theater, Seoul

2011 Experimental Live Broadcsting Theater ‘Lan’s Diary update’ @ The 13th Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival (Hewhadong 1 lbyunji Theater Hall), Seoul

2010 Experimental Media Theater ‘ Yeosu bigging, Middle and End’@ The 12th Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival (Daehakro art Theater Hall), Seoul

2010 Experimental Theater ‘ Salshow’@ Uijeungbu Art Hall, Uijeungbu

2010 Performance ‘Space Manhole_ssay' @ Seoul fringe Festival, Seoul

press & review

Drifters’ Voices – For Park Kyong-Ju’s <26 Day Archeology>

Salad is delicious when combined.

Park Kyongju, head of the nation's first multicultural theater in Korea

The history of the Korean miners is now in progress.

Working with migrants is an aesthetic challenge to me.

Theater heals migrant women

Salad TV Offering Bowl of Multiculturalism


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