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The Survival Diary

2020.11.19 ~ 22


The way for the multicultural theater Salad to overcomes the pandemics.


November 19th (THU) ~ 22nd (SUN) , 2020


Outdoor stage in Marronnier Park located in Daehak-ro (view map)

Exhibition and Events

Everyday 12:00 ~ 20:00  * Only until 16:00 on the 22nd  (View schedule)

Live streaming of performance 'Survival Diary'

21st (SAT)18:00 ( go to YouTube live )



Audio visual script

‘Living Script’

The audio visual script created by the director Park Kyongju based on the video journals of the members. It will be sent to the audience in a newsletter format until the members re-enter Korea. If you want to subscribe to the newsletter, please sign up for the newsletter on the project webpage.

Video Journal

'Survival Diary'

The project started when the members spent time in their home countries anxiously, waiting for their entry to Korea during the COVID 19 pandemic. The members began to send their video journals proving their survival to the director as part of this project. Based on the videos, the director is writing a script for performance. The plot has changed in line with their lives. In the worst scenario, the reality that we are likely to die unluckily has started to be reflected in the work as it is. The members have been sending about 2-miniute video journals continuously since June.

Live streaming performance 'Survival Diary'

and participatory performance 'Breathe!' 

Live streaming performance that 'Survival Diary' co-created by the Salad members will be completed by residents and migrants, the performance audience. Salad will demonstrate the performance titled Breathe!, connecting with Theather’s artists who are currently staying in the Philippines, Mongolia, and Korea, via Zoom.

A live broadcasting studio will be located in an open theater of Marronnier Park, and a film shot by the broadcasting team and Zoom video will be edited in real-time to be broadcasted via Theater Salad’s Youtube channel. We’re inviting 30 audiences who will join the Zoom videoconference. We’ll show highlights of survival diaries sent by Salad members so far, too.

'Breathe!' is an offline version of Survival Diary.  Salad members transformed the stories that they experience in the age of pandemics into an audio choreography for movement. The audience and Salad members will comfort our minds and bodies exhausted due to COVID-19 with a dance following an audio choreography. 


Art Director


Art Director

Park Kyongju

Park Kyongju graduated from the Printmaking Department, Collage of Fine arts, Hongik University in Korea and got a Master degree of film and photography from the HBK Braunschweig in Germany. Since when she studied in Germany, she has worked on 'migration' . She worked as a visual artist, filmmaker, playwright, theater director, journalist and social designer. Her major works are 'Migrant Workers in Berlin' (photo, 1999), 'Nurses Dispatched to Germany' (photo, 2000), 'Memory in Germany - Miners Dispatched to Germany' (video installation, 2000) 'Migrant Workers in Seoul' (photo, 2001), 'What is Life? - Migrant Workers' Music Project'(project music album, 2002), 'In a Dream Country - Migrant Women's Lives' (Art book published by Women Migrants Human Rights Center, 2004), 'Migrant Workers' Performance for Election Campaign' (performance, 2004), ‘Do You Remember Me?’ (lecture performance, 2010), ‘Yeosu, beginning, Middle, and the End ’ (media experimental play, 2010), Ran's Diary (media experimental play, 2011), Future Story (media experimental play, 2012), Theater without Actor (media experimental play, 2013), Migrant worker's broadcast(internet alternative media, 2005~2009), multilingual broadcast Salad TV(internet alternative media, 2009~2012), Social enterprise Salad ( Multi cultural performing arts group, 2009~ present). Currently, she is focusing on production and distribution of multicultural creative contents as a CEO of Salad theater company.

Professional background

2009 ~ present Founder, President and Art Director of the social Enterprise Theater Salad

2001 ~ present Teaches film, cultural diversity issue, performance at the several NGOs, educational institutions.

2014 ~2015 General Director of the TNeF festival

2009 ~ 2012 Founder and President of the social media Salad TV

2005 ~ 2008 Founder and President of the social media Migrant Worker’s TV

2005~ present Instructors on films, plays, literature, art and culture in universities and public institutions


Co- Artist


Producer: Park Kyongju

Writer & Director: Park Kyongju

Multimedia Director: Park Kyongju

Co- Artists: Park Kyongju, Gil Hizon, Lorna de Mateo, Nicky France, Sarangerel Suhbataar, Dahou Triomph

Coordinator: Kim Seha, Jo sangmi, Hong Yejin

Broadcast director: Nam Tackkwon, Lee Chunsuk

Stage Design: Park Kyongju

Image Design: Kim Soobin

Translation: Jeon Hayan, Nicky France, Nominchimeg Sarangerel, Park Kyongju, Bae Miseon

Original Video Diary: Park Kyongju, Gil Hizon, Lorna de Mateo, Nicky France, Sarangerel Suhbataar, Dahou Triomph

Video edit: Park Kyongju, Bae Miseon

Video Edit & Effect: Park Kyongju, Bae Miseon, Song Hyein

Animation: Cho Heedae, Park Kyongju

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