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The Survival Diary

2020.3.12 ~ ??

Concept & Direction : Park Kyongju  Production: Salad Theater 2020

Early march in 2020, some Salad members couldn’t help but be stuck in their home due to COVID 19 pandemic. Some members cannot visit their home while others cannot come back to Korea. Is it feasible for them to stage a performance this November? Video journals that they have been sending develop a storyline. This is a live and vivid artwork. Can every one of us survive to the last? Can we be on a stage alive?  The Survival Diary, the ways for the multicultural theater Salad to overcome the pandemic.

Collective Artists: Park Kyong Ju, Gil Hizon, Lorna de Mateo, Dahou Triomph, Nicky France, Sarangerel Sukbataar


Living Script

The audio script created by the director Park Kyongju based on the video journals of the members. It will be sent to the audience once a week in a newsletter format until the members re-enter Korea. If you want to subscribe to the newsletter, please sign up for the newsletter on the project webpage.(Sign up for the newsletter)

Video Journal

'Survival Diary'

The project started when the members spent time in their home countries anxiously, waiting for their entry to Korea during the COVID 19 pandemic. The members began to send their video journals proving their survival to the director as part of this project. Based on the videos, the director is writing a script for performance. The plot has changed in line with their lives. In the worst scenario, the reality that we are likely to die unluckily has started to be reflected in the work as it is. The members have been sending about 2-miniute video journals continuously since June. (Go to Youtube channel)

Participatory performance “Breathe!” 

Breathe! Live streaming performance to be completed with participation of native peoples and migrant audience based on the performance co-created by the Salad members. The public art performance to show whether we forget our neighbors during the COVID 19 pandemic. The members create artworks of their stories during the COVID 19 pandemic in the form of music, dance, poem, etc. and their artworks will be combined into one. (Go to Live Streaming)

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Application for the Events 


Participatory performance


Date: November 19th ~ 22nd, 2020

Offline exhibition: You can listen to living diaries with a headset between 12:00 and 19:00.

Live streaming of performance: 13:00, 15:00, and 18:00 everyday

Venue: Outdoor stage in Marronnier Park located in Daehak-ro

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Apply for the participating in the performance 'Breath!'

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Curatorial Team & Artists 

Art Director: Park Kyongju +사진

Collective Artists: Park Kyongju, Gil Hizon, Lorna de Mateo, Dahou Triomph, Nicky France, Sarangerel Sukbataar + 사진

Coordinator: Kim Seha, Hong Yejin

Design: Kim Soobin

Dorim-Ro 139-Gil 12-1 (201Ho), Yongdeungpo-Gu, Seoul, South- Korea

​Tel: 02) 2254 0517

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